Johnpaul has a demonstrated history in supporting IT infrastructure and business solutions in the financial sector and while at it for over 3 years, he honed his cloud engineering skills and is now a certified AWS Practitioner, Solutions Architect and Developer Associate. He also has some experience building native android applications in Kotlin and Java.

Johnpaul is currently leveraging DevOps strategies in his current role as DevOps Engineer to automate Azure resources for top tier financial institutions in Nigeria as well as implementing fun projects on AWS.

Johnpaul believes in lifelong learning, industry best practice, strives to design and implement robust cloud architectures and can readily adapt to any team while understanding the business needs.

Fun fact; he built this little project as part of the AWS Cloud Resume Challenge :)


Infinion Technologies (Microsoft Partner)

DevOps Engineer May 2024 - Present

Infinion is a Microsoft Gold partner for deploying robust Azure cloud solutions for top tier banks in Nigeria and beyond.

I work closely with the infrastructure team and I am responsible for automating clients’ infrastructure using DevOps strategies in Microsoft Azure.

I mostly work on migrating existing on-prem infrastructure by Lift-and-shift strategy, separating existing combined Azure Enterprise tenants into different management groups for optimal management and billing.

Paga Group Ltd

Technical Support Engineer 2023 - May 2024

At Paga, there was need for a platform as a service team (PaaS) and we needed to focus on supporting our business clients effectively, my job heavily relies on effectively communicating our product features to both technical and non-technical clients, understanding clients' complaints, and using automation tools such as Jira and Freshdesk to track issues. I have Grafana dashboards at my disposal for incident monitoring, comprehending clients' complaints by reading error logs and product documentation, and using Postman for API tests.

I ensured that common issues were recorded and updated on the team's knowledge base, while novel cases properly investigated and prevented from recurring. Through continuous monitoring of services and operational patterns, I often identify areas for improvement, which I then communicate to my superiors or directly raise Jira cases for a feature update.

I consistently resolved an average of 15+ tickets per day, surpassing the team's monthly SLA target by 10%. Part of this success is attributed to my 95% accuracy rate in first-contact ticket resolutions, minimizing the need for escalations, and subsequently improving our overall clients’ satisfaction significantly.

UBA Group

IT Support Specialist 2021 - May 2023

While at UBA, I assisted over 120 internal users in routinely installing and configuring the bank's baseline applications. Additionally, I set up peripheral devices for their Windows workstations and was responsible for configuring user profiles, MS Outlook and Office 365, domain joins on the bank's Active Directory, etc.

Upon joining, I faced challenges in tracking the numerous IT devices under my purview due to poor and outdated existing documentation. I took the initiative to document and update the entire IT inventory, making it available on the cloud for my team lead in record time. I also created user guides and documentations for specific applications to enhance self-service, leading to a reduction in the number of tickets in my queue and providing me with more time for productive work.

I had the privilege of supporting the bank's SDN Network cutover for five bank branches under my purview. In this role, I racked the network devices, patch cables, and collaborated closely with our network engineering team to configure SDN-compatible Cisco routers and switches. This project significantly improved the bank's network performance, as well as the ease and automation of network configuration and monitoring across the bank's intranet.

Furthermore, I collaborated with various vendors on several projects, including the deployment of automated card dispensing machines for ATM card issuance, the deployment of new UBA ATM blank cards, deployment of a new BVN verification portal, deployment of Windows 2FA and Crowdstrike security client. My responsibilities in these projects included conducting pilot tests on select users, reporting and documenting errors, monitoring performance, and ensuring the implementation of best practices. These projects collectively enhanced overall business value generation, user experience, and security.

I successfully maintained a good standing and exceeded my 500 tickets per year SLA.

MLH Pre-Fellowship

Software Engineer Summer 2021

At Major League Hacking (MLH) which promotes a learn by doing approach, helping Fellows to collaborate on real open source projects with peers and engineers from top companies, I had the opportunity to collaborate with team members across different time zones on the development of a Chrome extension developer tool. I actively participated in discussions about the project features and took on the role of a DevOps engineer. My responsibilities included hosting and deploying our project's app server on Netlify, which we built using the Python Flask framework. It was fascinating to witness how a project on GitHub could be seamlessly deployed on Netlify, leveraging the built in CI/CD pipeline.

As part of the project requirements, we needed a secure domain. I acquired our domain from Domain.com and set up a subdomain to point to our Chrome extension server. Additionally, I configured a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt CA to ensure secure communication. Our efforts were recognized when my team won the Hackathon for the best project. You can checkout our project in Devpost

During this experience, I enhanced my collaboration skills on software engineering projects using Git. I also had the opportunity to present a show-and-tell session to my fellow Pod mates on GitHub Copilot. You can find my slides here

Andela (GADS)

Android Developer June - September 2020

Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS) was a collaboration between Andela, Google and Pluralsight to train talents in Africa, here, I participated in the Android track and was required to consume the GADS API to show the top 20 learners and skill IQ leaders in the community. Checkout my project in GitHub

I also Volunteered as a guide for learners in the Android track. Showed them how to set up an android studio and build simple projects.

I was able to put what I learnt into practice by building USSD Codes, an android app that helps Nigerians find Bank and Network provider USSD codes, available in Google Play Store and Android APK here

I worked on the GADS Community project as the “technical team lead” haha, to help ideate, collaborate and build an educational platform for African Students to help them learn native African languages code named Afrilang, although we could not fully implement our ideas eventually due to time and limited resources at the time.


ALX Africa

Cloud Computing Fellow 2023 - 2024

AltSchool Africa

Diploma, Cloud Engineering 2022 - 2023

Federal Polytechnic Nekede

O.N.D & H.N.D, Computer Science 2015 - 2021


AWS Certified Developer (DVA-C02)

Jun 2024 | Verify here

AWS Solutions Architect (SAA C03)

Feb 2024 | Verify here

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Oct 2023 | Verify here

LFS101x: Introduction to Linux

Nov 2022 | Verify here

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